Becoming the best brand that produces innovative products, quality service and smart solutions in firearms and defense industries.


Investing in trained human sources that design, develop and produce the products, services and solutions of the future with highly efficient smart processes in firearms and defense industrie.


As CANiK, while conducting our business in line with our mission and vision, we are committed to acting in accordance with the following values and ethical principles:

Trust: As a company that, first and foremost, designs and manufactures service pistols for law enforcement and the military, we are well aware that human lives and the successful execution of missions ensuring public order and national security, may rely on our handguns. Therefore we manufacture our products to the highest standards so they can always be trusted to perform even in the most challenging circumstances.

Integrity: Because the trust of our customers in our products is our utmost priority when we put our pistols, accessories, and other services on the market, we make sure that they will always perform as they have been advertised. In very exceptional cases where our products and services do not satisfy our customers’ expectations, we take all the necessary steps according to our responsibility to protect the trust placed in our company.

Ease of use: Our product designs and manufacturing materials reflect our state-of-the-art techniques and technologies. Still, we would never allow these technological developments to make our products so complicated as to render them hard to use and maintain. We will always use the state of the art techniques and technologies to produce operator-friendly and efficient handguns.


INTEGRITY, HONESTY, AND TRANSPARENCY: Our organization pursues the principles of honesty, integrity, and transparency in its all activities and all behaviors in its influential areas

CUSTOMER ORIENTATION: Our organization aims to create a positive impact on our customers in its activities by anticipating the needs of our customers. It also aims to increase customer satisfaction by keeping our quality and delivery performances at the highest level.

EXCELLENCE: Our organization aims to achieve perfection by working in accordance with ethical principles and laws and by working performance-oriented.

RESPONSIBILITY: Our organization monitors the social, economic, and environmental impacts of all its products and services and is aware that it is responsible for all of its stakeholders within this frame.

SUSTAINABILITY: Our organization is aware that the needs of today's generation must be met without sacrificing the needs of future generations.

RESPECT: Our organization respects all the rights and reputation of its employees, stakeholders, and its competitors.

JUSTICE: Our organization undertakes to treat its employees, stakeholders, and competitors fairly and to avoid any discrimination.


Samsun Yurt Savunma Sanayi (SYS) is operating in the defense sector and has committed itself to be a Global brand in the world
To achieve this goal,

It adopts business ethics, trust, and integrity,
It complies and follows with the requirements of the developing Quality Management standards, respects the environment and society
It aims the Continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality Management System,
It aims at customer satisfaction and continuity,
It maximizes its employee's perfection to the top level,
It considers its suppliers as an invariable part of its Quality System,
It aims to meet the expectations of its customers at the highest level and produce competitive products. It aims to become a world company by providing continuous improvement in production with the participation of all employees.


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